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The Lottery on your Phone

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How does it work?

You ...

play your favorite lottery pool from your phone. No extra fees, no more lines or losing tickets.

Our Pool captain ...

buys the tickets from authorized retailers. A legal contract with tickets and other pool info is sent hours before the drawing. ...

check for the winning numbers and deposit your share into your account immediately.

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Lottery Made Easy

  •   No more long lines or losing your tickets.
  •   Play your favorite lottery state games online.
  •   No extra fee, you only pay official state ticket price.
  •   Check your winning numbers automatically.
  •   Increase your winning chances.
  •   Easy, convenient and fast.
  •   100% safe and secure, located in Miami, FL.


How much does it cost?

You only pay the official price of the ticket. We don’t charge you any extra amount.

Why should I use

It is easy, secure and convenient. Playing in pools with many tickets increase your winning chances without breaking the bank.

Is it legal?

Yes, it's legal. Our Pool Captains buy tickets from state autorized retailers. Only Florida residents 18+ can play.

Having more questions...

Contact us at We are happy to hear from you.

How does it work?

  1. We create a pool for players to join.
  2. You request using our app how many numbers you want to play.
  3. We buy the tickets for you and send you a picture to the app.
  4. We secure all tickets in a safe deposit.
  5. We send you a digital legal contract with all numbers and players in the pool a few hours before the drawing.
  6. We check and cash all prizes for you.
  7. We deposit your share to your account immediately every time your pool wins.

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